Arama yapmak istediğiniz kelimeyi yazın ve klavyenizdeki ara butonuna basın.

Invest in innovation in Turkey, not just a marketplace

Get to know ElbiseBul, which operates as a marketplace in the women's clothing and accessories sector in Turkey, offering unique features and high-quality industrial-level technologies that provide customers with first-of-their-kind experiences.

For the first time in Turkey, ElbiseBul has introduced the "Try On" feature, powered by artificial intelligence technologies, allowing customers to try products online before making a purchase.

Our customers can easily find products they've seen on the internet or in a storefront on ElbiseBul using the "Image Search" feature.

With tens of thousands of products actively for sale, ElbiseBul is a promising and exclusive investment opportunity, continuously expanding through new store agreements and increasing sales volume.

This project has the potential for rapid growth in other countries as well, with its speed, technology, and appealing features.

By investing in ElbiseBul, we believe you will quickly see a return on your investment. The two co-founders behind the project are software engineers who are ambitious in pushing the boundaries of marketplace technologies.